Exploring and Writing

If you found yourself here, you are probably wondering what you are looking at.  Haha.  This website is primarily for me and perhaps family and friends.   I have ambitions to explore the world and find unique and wonderous things to write about.   This website is where I plan to "post" these blogs.

By doing this, I will be able to continue and improve my language skills.  Particularly creative writing, html and CSS.   If I do manage to make my journey dreams happen, my family and friends will have a place to follow my footsteps along the way.

You are here, so you might as well take a look around.   Feel free to let me know your thoughts on anything that I post here.

Squire For Hire!

Is that still a thing? I want to explore the world and see all of the wonderous and mysterious things that nature has to offer, write about it and display it here on this website.  The ideal job for me involves travelling with enough free time to explore and write.  So, being a squire would be perfect!

Would you like to help me fund my journey?!